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Our Story

The year was 1986 and Adrian Robinson had a bold idea. It was based on the simple principle that great advertising can only happen by getting the marketing right. So he set out to create a company that had Marketing - driven advertising at its core. Less than a year later on January 1, 1987 , with a roster of well known clients which included the Shell Company, Air Jamaica, and Desnoes & Geddes, The Marketing Counselors was born.

Our Approach

More than two decades have passed and The Marketing Counselors has grown from humble beginnings into one of the top agencies in Jamaica. Our creative philosophy is simple; “People don't buy coal, they buy heat; People don't buy spectacles, they buy better vision”. With that as our guide to understanding what motivates consumers to buy, we've created some of the most compelling campaigns for some of Jamaica's biggest corporations and smaller ones too.

Our Services

Today we offer a full suite of services which include Marketing Counsel, Creative Strategy & Development, Media Planning & Placement, Market Research Management, Event Planning & Implementation, Radio & Television Production and Digital Marketing. So whenever you’re in the market for a 'big idea' to move your product or service up a notch or three, we'd be happy to share one of ours.


We are a team of 40 professionals. Each group and each individual brings a unique set of perspectives to the table, giving us a rich repository of big ideas and sound advice from which to choose.



We have a team of 11 Graphic Artists, who give the agency its creative edge. Our exciting mix of seasoned professionals and young talent provides a balanced view of each project we undertake.


Writing for advertising is a specialized art. Staying focused on the marketing strategy while producing that witty one-liner, radio jingle, or television ad require very particular skills.


Our media team is responsible for staying on top of new media trends that give our clients greater value for their advertising investment. Because the business of media buying has become increasingly sophisticated, our specialists bring some of the latest technologies to the task. They maintain our relationships with all media outlets.

Client Services

We never forget the importance of good service to sustaining our client relationships. Do we understand their challenges in the marketplace? Do we stay proactive? Do we respond quickly to inquiries and requests? Our Client Services team understands the nature of that responsibility and ensures the Agency delivers on its commitment to client satisfaction.


The buck stops with our production department. They ensure we get the best deals for our clients, that we source the best quality materials for our clients, and that we stay true to our promise of being reliable, efficient, and responsive to our clients’ needs.


Our Video Editing suites allow us to to cut turnaround time in adding the final touches to an ad, or editing the long running Creative Cooking Television Show that we produce and direct. Flexibility and speed are the watch words.


In an increasingly sophisticated Digital World, it helps to have people who understand technology, and what it takes to use it to the benefit of our clients. These are our IT guys, the ones who work behind the scenes to keep our engines running, and ensure we are working with the best tools available.


The advertising business is all about relationships, and financial relationships are an essential part. Our Accounting department maintain the accuracy that keeps our clients, our suppliers and ourselves happy.


We maintain archives for all our clients’ work. This makes it easy for them to access all their advertising material on demand. It’s one of the secrets behind our prompt and efficient service.

TMC Mindshare

TMC Mindshare is our specialist media buying division, and is a part of the global conglomerate, Mindshare World. This division is responsible for responding to market changes and, in some cases, for changing it. Our services include econometric modelling, research and insights, digital solutions, sports and entertainment sponsorship consultancy, and brand-driven creative campaigns. We do more than just buy media, we go deeper to understand the brands we service, and determine how we can better build brand relationships with their clients.


It takes all hands on deck to make our team work. These folks keep us going through the day, and often into the night. Whether its a hearty lunch, a hot cup of tea, or a warm word of encouragement, they represent what is best and what is special about our agency.


  • Allied Insurance Brokers
  • CARIMED Limited
  • Cable & Wireless Jamaica Limited
  • Churches Co-operative Credit Union
  • First Global Bank
  • First Global Financial Services
  • Grace Foods Ltd
  • JP Tropical Foods
  • Jamaica Biscuit Company
  • Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League
  • Jamaica Public Service(JPS)
  • Kimberly Clark
  • Tropical Battery Ltd
  • B& S Auto Stores
  • Sports Development Foundation
  • Unilever de Puerto Rico
  • West Indies Alliance

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